21-Year-Old Influencer Dies During Fitness Camp after trying to Lose 200Ibs as Fast as Possible


A tragic incident occurred at a fitness camp as a 21-year-old influencer lost her life while attempting to rapidly shed hundreds of pounds.

The untimely demise of Cuihua took place at a weight loss camp in Shaanxi, China, according to Insider.

Cuihua’s family shared a heartfelt statement on social media expressing their gratitude for the support and love they have received.

Translated from Chinese, they conveyed, “Our child has gone to heaven, and we are still processing all of this. We hope that people won’t be misguided by malicious individuals for their entertainment, which could harm parents and family. Let our child rest in peace, thank you!”

The family did not hold the fitness camp responsible for their child’s tragedy. In a message on Cuihua’s Douyin page (Chinese version of TikTok), they clarified, “It didn’t happen at the Hornets [training camp]. Please don’t cyberbully any more training camps. It’s over, we don’t want to be sad.”

The cause of Cuihua’s death has yet to be disclosed. However, her parents shared in their Douyin statement that their child sought medical attention after feeling unwell following an exercise session.

Cuihua’s social media presence documented her ambitious goal of shedding 200 pounds from her weight, as reported by news.com.au. She engaged with her nearly 10,000 followers by livestreaming her workouts, some of which took place in the morning and evening. Her strict diet comprised coarse grains, cabbage, eggs, and fruit, as mentioned by Dexerto.

Over the course of eight months, Cuihua managed to lose 80 pounds (36 kg), according to The New York Post. She achieved a remarkable weight loss of 57 pounds in the initial two months, with the remaining 23 pounds shed over the subsequent six months.

The news of Cuihua’s passing shocked many who had followed her weight loss journey. While she was at the camps, supporters would leave comments on her videos, urging her to proceed with caution and not rush her progress. One concerned fan advised, “You should take it slowly to keep your heart rate within the aerobic safety range. It can’t be high-intensity all at once; the heart and knees can’t withstand it, and it is easy to die suddenly.”

Another commenter expressed skepticism towards the camp’s coaches, stating, “These coaches really don’t have any comprehensive knowledge, and they think they are all sports school trainees.”


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