50 Cent Says there’s Only One Person who Smoked More than Snoop Dogg


Few things in life seem to be a perfect match, one such pair is Snoop Dogg and his love for the sweet herb.

He is often seen smoking or promoting it on social media, and it is widely known that he employs his own personal blunt roller.

However, according to Snoop’s buddy, 50 Cent, there is another man out there who enjoys smoking even more than the ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’ rapper.

In an interview with Vanity Fair about his life and career, 50 Cent took part in a lie detector test and was asked about things he’d said in the past.

One of the topics that the interviewer probed him on was a claim he made in one of his hit songs that he was ‘High All The Time’ – even though he doesn’t actually smoke.

“Well, I was high all the time, but everybody else was smoking around me,” he explained. He was then asked about Snoop and whether it was true he actually had to tell him to lay off the stuff on set. “Yeah,” he responded. “He said, ‘Let me the f**k alone 50, this is s**t is legal’.”

The conversation then moved on to who, if anyone, out there is able to out-smoke Snoop. Apparently, if such a thing is possible, 50 Cent believes it’s Wiz Khalifa. “Wiz, Wiz Khalifa, maybe,” he suggests.

This comes after Snoop himself spoke about his smoking abilities in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Snoop listed his top joint smokers, saying: “Willie P. Nelson is definitely on there. And by the way, Willie Nelson is the only person who has ever out-smoked Snoop Dogg. I had to hit the ‘time out’ button.” Kimmel then asked whether he’d ever had to use that particular button before, with the rapper responding: “Never, never.”

It’s hard to believe that there is a human alive who can match Snoop Dogg’s tolerance for the herb.

Ocean’s Eleven actor, Matt Damon, once admitted that he couldn’t keep up with Snoop when they were filming The Martian. “We had one night where we smoked a ton of w**d, and I have to say, I’ve never smoked w**d with anyone who smoked more w**d than Snoop Dogg,” Damon said during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Snoop Dogg’s love for the stuff is no secret, and he has spoken openly about the benefits of smoking it. In a 2013 interview with The Guardian, Snoop revealed that he has a medical prescription and that it helps him deal with stress and anxiety. “It’s from the earth – it’s not some man-made s**t,” he said. “It helps me be me. It helps me calm down.”

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