Actor Columbus Short Criticized For Stephen tWitch Boss ‘Theory’


Columbus Short has been criticized for his ‘theory’ about Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’.

The DJ on the Ellen Degeneres Show died tragically aged just 40 by a self-inflicted gun shot wound in a motel less than a mile from his family home.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss was a long serving member of Ellen’s team, and was a member of the huge talkshow from 2014 until its finale in 2022.

Ellen’s respect for Stephen was evident when she promoted him to Executive Producer in 2020.

Actor Columbus short has a “theory” about what led the DJ to tragically end his own life.

He posted a now deleted Instagram video where he claimed that the 40-year-old may have “invested in something that took his whole life savings.” He added “People made investments, people do a lot of things — this is just a theory…What if you invested something that took your whole life savings, possibly? … It gets rough.”

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Tragic news. RIP.

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