Actors in Creepy New Horror Reveal Most Difficult Scene to Film


Stars of the new terrifying horror movie ‘Smile’ have revealed the most difficult scene to film.

The horror hit cinemas last week and some fans of the genre are struggling to watch it because it’s so terrifying…

The film is full of jump scares, a supernatural shapeshifter and many traumatic themes and content – so be warned.

Watch the trailer below:

The plot is so clever in that it intertwines the theme of mental health as the protagonist is a psychiatrist named Dr Rose Cotter, played by Sosie Bacon – who is constantly surrounded by creepy smiles.

UNILAD spoke to the cast before it’s release last week. Jessie T. Usher, who plays Bacon’s partner Trevor, said:

“My most difficult scene was the scene where we [he and Rose] walk in the house and the cat runs by,”

“That was probably the most technically difficult scene,”

“That’s because it was just funny. The cat would not follow instructions.”

“Sosie was trying to be so in the moment and she was feeling bad. In the scene, she’s trying to stay in character and the whole time the trainers with the cats are standing right off camera going ‘tss tss tss’.”

Smile is available to watch in theatres now.

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