Adam Driver knew Immediately what to Buy with his First Big Acting Paycheck


Adam Driver, the renowned actor famous for his roles in blockbuster movies like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Marriage Story, and House of Gucci, recently revealed what he bought with his first-ever big paycheck.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 7th, Driver divulged that he knew immediately what he wanted to spend his earnings on, and it wasn’t something you would typically expect.

Driver, who is now 39 years old, confessed that he has been holding onto this item for years, and it’s still collecting dust. Before becoming a Hollywood sensation, the actor was just like any other struggling performer trying to make ends meet.

However, his life changed when he received his first-ever big paycheck for his role in an iconic crime drama series back in the 90s.

When Fallon asked him about his first big paycheck, Driver replied, “Well, my first big paycheck was for Law & Order.

Actually, what I bought was a pair of Jordans.” Fallon was surprised, and he asked if the money didn’t go to something else. Defending his spending choice, Driver explained that he rented everything else and that all he had left was money for Jordans, something he always wanted but couldn’t afford.

“We didn’t have any money for – I mean, we had money for shoes, but it was never… we couldn’t afford to buy Jordans,” he said. The audience laughed as Driver told them that he bought the first Jordans he could find, but he couldn’t even tell them what kind they were, disappointing all the sneaker-heads out there.

When Fallon asked if he ever wore the trainers, Driver revealed that he doesn’t wear them at all. “Not even saving them, I just wanted them and I have them – they have dust on them,” he said.

Driver’s decision to spend his first big paycheck on a pair of Jordans is both peculiar and endearing.

While many people would opt for something practical, like paying off debts or treating themselves to a luxury vacation, Driver’s choice highlights the importance of following one’s passion and fulfilling a long-held dream.

It’s also a reminder that the value of money lies in what it means to the individual.

For Driver, owning a pair of Jordans was a significant achievement and a symbol of his success. The fact that he has kept them for all these years, even if they’re just gathering dust, is a testament to how much they mean to him.

In conclusion, Adam Driver’s first big purchase may have been a pair of Jordans, but it was undoubtedly a milestone moment for him.

It shows that no matter how successful one becomes, it’s always important to remember where you came from and what you have accomplished along the way. As Driver himself said, “Jordans were the first thing that I wanted,” and that’s all that really matters.

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