Al Pacino is a Dad Again: Actor Welcomes Baby Boy at 83 with Noor Alfallah


Al Pacino, the renowned actor known for his role in “Scarface,” has embraced fatherhood yet again, defying expectations at the age of 83. Pacino’s representative, Stan Rosenfield, officially confirmed to USA TODAY on Thursday that Pacino and his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, joyously welcomed a baby boy named Roman Pacino into their lives. Although the exact date of birth was not disclosed, the news delighted fans and well-wishers alike.

The news of Pacino and Alfallah expecting their first child together emerged in late May.

At the time of the announcement, Alfallah, a 29-year-old producer known for her work in “La Petite Mort,” was already eight months pregnant. The couple’s journey into parenthood began in April 2022 when they were first seen together, leaving a restaurant in Venice, California, sparking rumors of their romance.

In April of this year, Alfallah shared a captivating photo on her Instagram account, capturing a moment with Pacino during their visit to the renowned Gagosian art gallery in New York City.

This public display of affection showcased their growing bond and gave their admirers a glimpse into their blossoming relationship. Prior to his relationship with Alfallah, Pacino had three children from previous relationships: daughter Julie Marie, aged 33, with his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant, and twins Anton and Olivia, aged 22, with former partner Beverly D’Angelo.

Alfallah’s joy at becoming a mother for the first time is undeniable. Before her relationship with Pacino, she had been romantically linked to Mick Jagger, with whom she had a relationship that lasted over a year before their split in 2018. Now, she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

The arrival of Pacino’s latest addition to his family coincides with a similar development in the life of his long-time friend and former co-star, Robert De Niro. De Niro, who recently welcomed his seventh child, expressed his elation for Pacino during an appearance on the “Today” show.

Acknowledging their age difference, De Niro warmly said, “(Pacino’s) a few years older than me, God bless him,” before delving into a conversation about the contrasting experiences of parenting in their respective generations.

Confirming the birth of De Niro’s baby girl, Gia Virginia, on May 9.

A few days later, the 79-year-old actor proudly revealed the first photo of his precious daughter during an interview on “CBS Mornings.” He disclosed that Gia Virginia was born on April 6 and is the cherished creation of his relationship with Tiffany Chen. De Niro’s other children range in age from 11 to 51, showcasing the diverse stages of his journey as a father.

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