Alex Jones Finally Has to Pay for His Lies About the Sandy Hook Massacre


Alex Jones finally has to pay for lying about the Sandy Hook massacre.

After many years of spreading disgusting lies about the parents of murdered children, conspiracy pusher Alex Jones is being held accountable at long last.

The jury in Austin ruled that Jones must pay over $4 million in compensatory damages after less than one day of deliberations.

On Thursday, the jury came to the decision that two parents of a first-grader that was sadly killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, be awarded damages.

The judge ruled that the Infowars founder defamed the parents with his constant lies and comments that they were crisis actors and that the mass shooting was ‘staged as a pretext for gun control’.

The devastating mass shooting resulted in 20 students and six teacher being gunned down at a school in Newton, Connecticut.

Parents of victim Jesse Lewis, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, described how their lives had become a “living hell” after being sent death threats from fans of Jones.

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