Amber Heard Could Face Bankruptcy After Losing Defamation Case


Amber Heard could potentially face bankruptcy after losing the defamation case to her ex husband Johnny Depp.

It was announced by the jury on Wednesday that Depp had won the case against Heard which started over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

The Aquaman star has been ordered by the court to pay more than $8 million to Depp in damages.

It is not know what sort of financial backing the actress has but it did come out during her appearance in court that she was paid $1 million for her appearance in Aquaman. Many are scratching their heads at how she is going to be able to pay Depp what she owes.

During the trial, Heard admitted on the stand that she was unable to pay the $7 million she pledged to give to charity, due to her legal fees at the time.

Some are suggesting that her career will now come to a major halt, following the negative and sensitive information that has come out during the trial.

Heard could file for bankruptcy, in which case this would likely wipe away the $8 million, only leaving her with the $350,000 in punitive damages to pay Depp.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has stated from the beginning that “the goal of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome.’

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