Amber Heard Demands New Trial Months after Losing to Johnny Depp


Amber Heard has demanded a new trial months after losing to her ex husband, Johnny Depp.

The Aquaman actress has appealed the $10 million award she was ordered to pay by a judge to Depp following their very publicised defamation trial that held earlier in the year.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued Heard for $50 million over a Washington Post op-ed written in 2019 where Depp was accused of domestic abuse.

Now, Heard’s legal team have filed an appeal to the Virginia courts and have asked for a reversal or an entirely new trial.

The actress has argued that due to the exclusion of some of her therapists notes, where she reported that Depp had abused her, the trial outcome was unfair.

Judge Penney Azcarate had ruled out the notes.

The actor was awarder $10.35 million earlier in the year after his legal team argued that Heard’s op-ed was defamatory to him.

Despite not naming Depp in the article, the actor’s team argued that it was obvious who she was referring to.

A new 68-page document provided by Heard’s team reveals that the court had ‘improperly prevented the jury from considering several instances in which Heard reported Depp’s abuse to a medical professional.’

It continues:

‘If not reversed, the trial court’s exclusion of contemporaneous reports of domestic abuse to medical professionals will make it more difficult for other abuse victims to prove allegations of abuse, and likely deter them from coming forward,’

‘That holding, if allowed to stand, undoubtedly will have a chilling effect on other women who wish to speak about abuse involving powerful men.’

‘This case also should never have gone to trial because another court had already concluded that Depp abused Heard on multiple occasions,’

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