Amber Heard Testifies About Who Really Pooped In Johnny’s Bed


Amber Heard has testified on the stand about the poop in the bed incident and blamed Johnny Depp’s dog.

Depp’s legal team have been questioning Heard during cross-examination about alleged lack of evidence of the abuse she claims to have experienced from Depp while in a relationship with him.

One incident that Depp’s team brought up, was an alleged altercation in Tokyo before the couple went to a movie premiere. Heard claimed that Depp kneeled on her back, she then told the jury that she had to check for bruises in the car – the actress wore a backless dress. Depp claims she had no visible injuries.

See below:

When shown these pictures, Heard agreed that she had no bruises or visible marks.

The actress was also questioned by her own team about the infamous poop on the bed. 

Heard claims she isn’t to blame for this horrific scene, but instead blames Depp’s teacup yorkie who was a puppy at the time of the incident. The actress said the dog was having some bowel problems after consuming Depp’s weed.

Depp claims that it was simply too large to have been produced from his puppy and it looked like it was human.

Watch her testimony below:


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