Andrew Tate Posts Disturbing Tweet About Suicide From Prison


Andrew Tate, a controversial social media personality, has made a dark admission from his prison cell in Romania, where he’s been incarcerated since December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group.

Prosecutors have recently revealed that they believe Tate turned a string of women into “slaves” and branded them with tattoos reading “Property of Tate” and “Tate Girl.” The women allegedly worked in Tate’s compound in Bucharest, where he lived with his brother and other staff members of his adult webcam business.

Despite the serious allegations against him, Tate has taken to Twitter from prison to share his thoughts.

In one tweet, he stated, “I would never kill myself.” This tweet followed another post in which he announced that he had updated his will from prison and was donating $100 million to start a charity to protect men from false accusations.

In another tweet, Tate said, “Everything you are stems from what you’ve experienced. It’s an unstoppable force like gravity. You cannot stop the programming but, you can choose what you hear and experience. You can choose what and who programs your mind.”

He has also repeatedly claimed that he has been imprisoned by “the Matrix,” though it is unclear what he means by this.

Fresh documents containing dozens of WhatsApp messages sent by Tate to at least one of the women involved in the human trafficking operation were recently released.

These messages show Tate offering the woman love and a new life in exchange for “absolute loyalty.” “You must understand that once you are mine, you will be mine forever,” he wrote on February 4, 2022. “Nothing bad will happen,” he wrote on February 9. “

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