Andrew Tate Posts Cryptic Message after being Released from Prison


Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer who had been detained in Romania as part of a human trafficking investigation, has been released from prison and placed under house arrest.

Following his release, he posted a cryptic message on social media, claiming that “the fire of truth will eventually destroy all lies”.

The former Big Brother contestant, who is known for his misogynistic views, also revealed that he did 7,417 push-ups while in prison.

Tate and his brother, Tristan, had been held in custody since December 29th as part of an investigation into human trafficking, with Romanian authorities raiding their home.

While those placed into custody in Romania can be held for a period of 30 days, this period can be extended, and it was for the Tate brothers multiple times.

However, on March 29th, the Court of Appeal in Bucharest ruled that they could be released from custody and remain under house arrest.

According to prosecutors, Tate and his brother are part of an organized crime ring that trafficked at least six women who claim to have been subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion”, as well as being sexually exploited by members of the group.

Tate denies the allegations, claiming that the Romanian prosecutors have no evidence and that their case is a “political” conspiracy conjured up to silence him.

Since being placed under house arrest, Tate has posted several cryptic messages on his social media accounts. He posted a video of himself pacing around his house smoking a cigar, insisting that “we must defeat Shaytan”, without specifying how or why. He also posted a tweet quoting a post he made on March 28th about dreaming of freedom with the caption, “It’s tomorrow”. It remains unclear what he meant by this, even to his Twitter followers.

While under house arrest, Tate is ordered to remain in his home unless granted specific permission to leave.

He and his associates, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, are all under house arrest. Tate’s brother, Tristan, has been released from house arrest, but is not allowed to leave the country.

Despite his controversial views and legal troubles, Tate has a large following on social media.

However, many have criticized him for his behavior and the messages he posts. As one Twitter user put it, “Andrew Tate is a walking, talking example of toxic masculinity and misogyny”.

It remains to be seen what will happen next in the investigation into Tate and his alleged involvement in human trafficking. However, one thing is clear: Tate’s release from prison and placement under house arrest has not stopped him from posting cryptic and controversial messages on his social media accounts.


First he was pacing around his house with a cigar, now he's posting cryptic stuff onto Twitter. Credit: Twitter/@Cobratate

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