Andrew Tate Sparks Fresh Controversy With Comments on Chicago


Andrew Tate’s contentious opinions have unsurprisingly caused offense once again, this time among the residents of Chicago.

The self-proclaimed ‘internet personality’, who goes by the moniker Top G among his loyal followers, recently launched a scathing attack on the American city, referring to it as a “s***hole”.

In a heated tweet, he expressed his incredulity at anyone willingly choosing to live in Chicago, saying, “Seriously, imagine being a full grown adult / And waking up in f*ing CHICAGO / Looking at the entire globe, then looking around you at the shhole you reside in / And saying ‘Yes. I want to live here :)'”.

To punctuate his outburst, Tate added a series of clown emojis.

Unsurprisingly, his tweet was met with a wave of backlash from social media users. One bluntly retorted, “As long as I don’t wake up next to you, I’m good with it.”

Another commented, “It must be exhausting to maintain your ego 24/7,” while a third echoed, “The level of arrogance mixed with privilege is astounding.”

Many others joined in questioning the bizarre outburst, puzzled as to why Tate had targeted Chicago in such a derogatory manner.

“Tate must have closed his eyes and randomly pointed to a place on the map to roast,” one user quipped. “Tomorrow it’ll be ‘Imagine waking up in PERU’.”

Another jested, “Imagine living in Romania thinking you were safe from getting arrested.” This remark alluded to Tate’s recent release from custody and subsequent house arrest alongside his brother Tristan, with some conspiracy theorists alleging that he had been “cloned”.

Tate had earlier shared a video of himself pacing in a room and smoking a cigar after his release, accompanied by the caption, “Since last year I’ve been in 24-hour lockdown. No yard time. Pacing a 3-meter cell with zero electronics or outside contact. Absolute clarity of mind. Real thoughts. Real plans. Vivid pain. One hour home and I can’t stand my phone. Some habits die hard. We must defeat Shaytan.”

Despite Tate’s controversial remarks and behavior, he continues to have a significant following on social media, with some supporters rallying behind him and defending his right to express his opinions freely.

However, for many others, Tate’s recent comments about Chicago were seen as inflammatory and derogatory, adding to the long list of controversial statements he has made in the past.

As with any public figure, Tate’s words have consequences, and it is essential to approach discussions and debates with sensitivity, respect, and an understanding of the impact of our words on others.

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