Angry Chiefs Fans Write Letters Complaining about Patrick Mahomes’ Drinking During the Super Bowl Parade


It seems that some Kansas City Chiefs fans were not pleased with quarterback Patrick Mahomes and other players drinking during the team’s Super Bowl parade last week.

On Sunday, Mahomes shared letters from upset fans who expressed disappointment in seeing the players consume alcohol in public.

While some may argue that drinking during a celebratory parade is commonplace, several fans argued that it sets a poor example for young fans and sends the wrong message.

One fan wrote, “I am not opposed to drinking nor naive enough to think our football players don‚Äôt drink. However, it is completely unnecessary to let Chiefs players drink during the Super Bowl parade. It should not have been allowed by coach Andy Reid and the team‚Äôs ownership for some very good reasons.”

The fan went on to explain that drunken players at such an important celebration can be a turnoff for adult fans as well, and that tragic incidents can occur when drinking is involved.

They also argued that players should be mindful of their influence on young people and set a better example.

Another fan echoed this sentiment, saying, “Impressionable young people deserve better role models than what you‚Äôve displayed twice.”

They expressed disappointment in seeing Mahomes and other players drinking, and hoped that the team would be more mindful of the example they were setting in the future.

While Mahomes’ decision to share the letters on social media has sparked some backlash, it is clear that some fans were disappointed with the players’ behavior during the parade.

The debate over whether or not professional athletes should consume alcohol in public is likely to continue, but it is clear that some fans feel strongly about the issue.

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