Angry Fans Slam NBC Show after Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood Crowned Winner


Angry fans of The Voice have slammed the show after Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood wins.

Fans were left disappointed with the win after Omar Cardona failed to make it into the top 3, as well as Morgan Myles and Bodie losing out to the country star.

Viewers went on to Twitter to share their disappointment for the “below-average” country star:

‘What a joke!#TheVoice’

‘How is it even possible that Bryce wins over Omar, Bodie, and Morgan? This is the worst finale I’ve seen in a LONG time #TheVoice’

‘Bryce Leatherwood winning #TheVoice is the biggest joke ever like ain’t no way America sat there and said he has the best voice LMAOOOO anyways this shits rigged and this was the stupidest season ever’

‘Bryce?? Wtf is wrong with you America?! Morgan, Bodie or Omar should have won. What a JOKE. #TheVoice’

What did you think of the winner?

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