Angry Walmart Worker Calls Out Customers for their Most Annoying Habit


An exasperated Walmart worker has expressed her frustration with a particular habit of customers that surpasses all others in terms of annoyance.

Those who have experience in the service industry understand that customers can exhibit behaviors that irritate employees. It could be indecisiveness at a busy bar, customers complaining about food they devoured, or creating unnecessary messes over insignificant matters. However, some habits are far worse, such as intentionally being rude or condescending towards employees who are simply trying to do their job, often for inadequate pay. It’s important to remember to treat service workers with respect and kindness.

For Chelsea Jo, a Walmart employee, there is one habit that stands above the rest, managing to be disrespectful, inconsiderate, and wasteful all at once. In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, she addresses this issue, stating, “Hi, just your local Walmart employee here. Just ran across something that I’m used to seeing but I’m tired of seeing. Just a little PSA for everybody.”

Chelsea proceeds to show a shopping cart filled with abandoned food left in the middle of the store, pleading, “Please, for the love of god, stop doing this.” She points out various perishable and frozen items in the cart, including meat, cheese, sour cream, and frozen burritos.

Expressing her frustration, she emphasizes, “This stuff isn’t even cold anymore. All of this is bad now.” She likens this behavior to leaving a bottle of milk in the bread aisle due to laziness, but notes that it is much worse in terms of consequences.


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Not only does the person responsible create a mess that staff members must clean up, but they also waste a significant amount of food. As the items have become spoiled, some cannot be returned to the shelves, resulting in them being discarded.

An incensed Chelsea further adds, “I need y’all to for real get it together because I am not your slave. I’m not here to do this.” This serves as a crucial reminder that service and retail workers deserve respect and should not be treated as servants at customers’ every whim. It is essential to display politeness and, for the sake of goodness, avoid discarding and wasting food in such a manner.

Chelsea’s message highlights the importance of valuing those who work in service industries and treating them with dignity. It serves as a reminder to be mindful of our actions as customers and to consider the impact of our behavior on others.

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