Apple Reveals Brand New iPhone 14


Apple have revealed their brand new iPhone 14 at their latest event, on 7 September.

Fans got to see a sneak peak of the latest device which will be released on 16 September for the regular size and 7 October for the Plus.

The standard iPhone 14 will cost $799 and the Plus size will be $899.

The newest upgrade has brand new features such as an ‘always on’ monitor display, so even when not being used, the screen will be lit up to show the time and any notifications.

This model has a longer battery life than its predecessor and the new 12 megapixel camera means all your shots will be crystal clear, including those taken on the front camera, as this has the same level of definition – even low light photos will be improved compared to the older iPhone 13 model.

The device also comes with an eSIM which is impossible to remove, so if the phone is stolen, your data and information will be protected. Amazing!

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