Apple Reveals iPhones will Finally Stop Autocorrecting ‘F**k’ to Duck


Apple has finally addressed a long-standing frustration for iPhone users by announcing that autocorrect will no longer change “f**k” to “duck.”

During Apple’s recent WWDC 2023 showcase, Craig Federighi, the company’s software chief, assured users that they would no longer be plagued by autocorrect mishaps that cause unnecessary anger.

“In those moments when you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too,” Craig declared.

According to CNET, the iOS 17 keyboard employs a transformer model, similar to the one used by OpenAI, to learn from users’ typing patterns. The model aims to understand their language preferences and improve predictions accordingly.

The keyboard’s learning capabilities won’t be limited to expletives alone. It will also adapt to recognize slang terms and any other words that frequently fall victim to autocorrect’s unwarranted alterations. The update is set to undergo beta testing in July before its official release to the general public in September. This announcement undoubtedly elicits excitement from countless users who have longed for a device that understands them.

Nevertheless, the unveiling of Apple’s new VR/AR headset stole the spotlight at the WWDC 2023 event. Despite resembling a pair of ski goggles, the “Apple Vision Pro” boasts a complete 3D interface and can be operated using gestures, eye movements, and voice commands.

Upon wearing the headset, users are greeted with a fascinating experience. The familiar apps are displayed in and around their surroundings, creating a floating iPad/MacBook interface. Users can effortlessly switch between apps and tabs, enjoy music, and watch films.

“It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at,” remarked CEO Tim Cook about the innovative device. The headset features a dial that enables users to seamlessly transition between augmented and full virtual reality experiences. By utilizing passthrough video technology, it offers a view of the real world while simultaneously projecting 3D objects into the user’s physical space.

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