Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Serious Car Crash In Los Angeles


Arnold Schwarenegger has been involved in a serious car crash in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood legend was involved in a four-car crash on Friday afternoon, according to Los Angeles Police Department.

The Terminator star was driving a GMC Yukon SUV which crashed into a Toyota Prius while he was turning left – flipping his vehicle which then rolled and smashed into a Porsche.

TMZ reports:

“One eyewitness says it was crazy … it looked like a stunt in a movie. The collision was intense enough that the airbags deployed on the Yukon.”

The MailOnline reports police believe Schwarzenneger was responsible for the crash:

“Law enforcement say they believe the accident was the fault of the Terminator actor who was attempting to make a left turn but did not wait for a left-turn arrow at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue.”

“Police said no arrest has been made and the crash does not appear to involve any form of DUI.”

Arnie walked away from the crash and is apparently ‘okay’, but one female driver has been hospitalized.

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