Ashley Olsen Reveals Baby Boy’s Name and Everyone’s making the Same Joke


Ashley Olsen has introduced her baby boy’s name to the world, and in a twist that seems to resonate with many, fans have been playfully referencing a movie starring Tom Hanks. The joyful news came after Ashley and her husband Louis Eisner welcomed their first child several months ago in New York, bringing elation to the new parents.

The union of Ashley and Louis, the son of esteemed jewelry designer Lisa Eisner, was solidified in a private ceremony in December of the previous year. This revelation stirred astonishment among admirers, with one enthusiast marveling, “HOW DID WE NOT KNOW ASHLEY OLSEN WAS EVEN PREGNANT,” underlining the surprise element that accompanied the couple’s venture into parenthood.

Ashley has since unveiled the moniker of her baby boy—Otto. However, this naming decision unexpectedly struck a chord among fans, sparking a recurring joke involving Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks recently starred in the movie “A Man Called Otto,” a heartwarming tale of an irritable elderly man navigating aging while his neighbors endeavor to befriend him.

Twitter was abuzz with the joke as fans embraced the connection. Some responded with gifs and pictures of the movie, playfully congratulating Ashley on her baby’s name. One cleverly noted, “i guess you could say one day he’ll grow up to be a man named otto.”

For the uninitiated, “A Man Called Otto” is a charming film, and the title character wins over audiences with his endearing personality. Thus, Ashley’s new arrival should find these comparisons more flattering than humorous.

Ashley and Louis have carefully safeguarded their relationship from the public eye since its inception in 2017. An August 2018 snapshot captured them strolling leisurely through Los Angeles, their arms intertwined in a display of intimacy. While their romantic journey remained concealed, rumors of engagement swirled in July 2019, triggered by Ashley’s distinct dark ring finger band, sparking curiosity and speculation.

Although the couple has maintained a private stance, glimpses into their bond surfaced in 2021. Louis shared a rare snapshot of Ashley on his Instagram, offering a unique glimpse into their personal lives. The couple even graced red carpets together, presenting a united front and providing a rare insight into their relationship.

Known for their iconic roles on “Full House,” Ashley and her twin sister Mary-Kate have long been fixtures in the world of fame, growing up under the spotlight’s glare. Embracing a discreet existence reminiscent of their minimalist fashion brand The Row, Mary-Kate spoke to i-D magazine, sharing, “We were raised to be discreet people.”

Ashley echoed this sentiment, referencing their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, celebrated for her role in “WandaVision,” and pondering, “I think that potentially that’s just our aesthetic, our design preference.”

As Ashley and Louis embark on their journey of parenthood, we extend our warmest wishes to them, hoping that the bond they share continues to flourish and that Otto grows into his unique name with pride.

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