Audiences Apparently Hate ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’


The new ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ movie has killed it at the box office but some fans claim it was terrible.

Marvel‘s newest movie has raked in an insane $143 million domestically, making it one if the highest-grossing openings in the MCU.

Despite these great numbers, some fans feel they have been let down and claim the movie was too “joke-y” and too “childish”.

Watch the trailer below:

Fans took to twitter, writing:

Many viewers claim the film relied too heavily on gags and punchlines. Some also claim Christine Bale’s character, Gorr, didn’t get enough screen time and they wanted to have seen more from him.

The Rotten Tomatoes score is 81% which may sound high but for a Marvel film is low.

Fans that have watched Thor: Love and Thunder are also asking Marvel to put a trigger warning up before the film.

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