Avril Lavigne and Tyga Spotted Getting Cosy Outside NOBU


Avril Lavigne and Tyga were spotted spending quality time with each other recently.

The two were seen together at NOBU, a well-known celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles, where they enjoyed dinner with a few other friends.

According to sources, they appeared to be getting along quite well, with Tyga and Avril even hugging each other goodbye in the parking lot.

They then left together in the same car.

Although it is unclear whether their relationship is purely platonic or if there is a romantic element to it, sources close to both individuals have confirmed that they have been spending a lot of time together lately.

Avril, who got engaged to musician Mod Sun in March 2022 while in Paris, has been the subject of several songs on his latest album, “God Save The Teen,” including “Avril’s Song,” which features the lyrics, “She blew me a kiss, And I didn’t wanna blow my brains out anymore. And she is everything I’m not. Without her, I am lost.”

It is worth noting that Mod Sun was not present at the NOBU dinner, but the couple did attend a pre-Grammy party together earlier this month.

While it remains to be seen whether Avril’s relationship with Tyga will develop into something more than friendship, fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on the situation.

Lavigne is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress who first rose to fame in the early 2000s with hit songs such as “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi.” Tyga, whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is best known for his hit singles “Rack City” and “Taste.” Despite their different musical backgrounds, it seems that the two have found common ground in their friendship.

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