Bam Margera Video Shows Him Partying After Going Missing from Rehab


TMZ has posted a video of Bam Margera partying after he went missing from rehab.

The video shows the ‘Jackass’ star partying with a group of men, while the police and his family were searching for him.

Watch below:

Sources told TMZ that Nikki Boyd has made no attempt to contact the Jackass star and has not returned any of his phone calls.

Boyd has only spoke to Margera’s team about their son regarding child support and custody.

The publisher has reported that Margera has hired a family lawyer in attempt to visit his son, Phoenix Wolf.

Boyd and their 4-year-old are living in California while the Jackass star receives treatment in a Florida facility.

TMZ reports that the star’s disappearance was allegedly fueled by the fact Boyd has not been in contact.

Boyd’s attorney told the publisher that she is awaiting contact from the facility before being in touch, as is standard procedure.

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