Bella Ramsey Only Paid $70k Per ‘Last of Us’ Episode Compared to Pedro Pascal’s $600k


Bella Ramsey’s pay for her role in the popular TV series The Last of Us has caused a stir on the internet, with many expressing anger over the reported pay disparity between her and her co-star Pedro Pascal.

A recent investigation by Variety magazine delved into the earnings of actors in hit TV shows compared to their counterparts in films, shedding light on some stark differences in pay scales.

While established film stars like Jeff Bridges, who stars in The Old Man, earn a staggering $1 million per episode, and Chris Pratt, known for Guardians of the Galaxy, brings in $1.4 million for each episode of The Terminal List, Pedro Pascal, whose notable film credits include Wonder Woman 1984, earned $600,000 for each of the nine episodes of The Last of Us.

However, it was Bella Ramsey, a relatively unknown actor from Loughborough, who garnered attention for all the wrong reasons, earning only $70,000 per episode, a mere 12 percent of what Pascal earned.

A tweet by Pop Tingz, expressing outrage at the reported pay gap, gained significant traction on Twitter with nearly 61,000 likes, amplifying the issue further.

The tweet stated, “There is reportedly a huge pay gap between the actors in HBO’s The Last of Us.”

Variety’s report confirmed that Pedro Pascal received $600,000 per episode, while Bella Ramsey received $70,000, despite both being the lead characters in the series.

The stark pay discrepancy sparked heated debates on social media, with some expressing support for equal pay for equal work.

One Twitter user passionately argued, “Pay people the same money for the same work? To everyone arguing Pedro is more established, would you want your (male) coworker who has worked at the company 30 years longer but does the same work as you to be paid more? No? That’s what we call gender pay gap.”

This sentiment resonated with many who believed that gender should not be a determining factor in pay scales.

However, there were also voices defending the pay disparity, citing differences in experience and star power.

One tweet argued, “Well that’s what happens when one actor has 30 years of experience and some major roles, and the other is somebody whose name and face I’ve never heard or seen in my life.”

This perspective highlighted the complex nature of the entertainment industry, where factors such as an actor’s popularity, track record, and bargaining power can influence their pay.

One person expressed, “Everyone in the world should get paid exactly the same for everything.” While this viewpoint reflects a desire for a just and egalitarian society, it also raises questions about the practicality and feasibility of such an approach in the real world.

Interestingly, some Twitter users drew attention to the potential pay disparity between Pedro Pascal and his co-star in another hit TV series, The Mandalorian. One tweet humorously pondered, “Which begs the question: how much is baby Yoda being paid?” This remark shed light on the broader issue of pay disparity in the entertainment industry, where actors’ salaries can vary greatly even within the same production.

The reported pay gap between Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us has sparked a significant conversation about pay equity, gender equality, and fairness in the entertainment industry.

While some argue for equal pay for equal work, considering factors such as experience and popularity, others advocate for a more nuanced approach to address the complexities of the industry.

As discussions continue, the call for transparency and equality in pay scales is likely to gain further momentum, shaping the ongoing conversation around pay disparity in the entertainment world and beyond.

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