Bella Ramsey Says Gendered Awards have made Them “Uncomfortable”


Bella Ramsey recently shared their perspective on the challenges surrounding gendered awards for non-binary actors in an interview with Vanity Fair.

In the realm of major award shows, the public’s attention is often focused on two acting categories: “Best Actor” and “Best Actress.”

However, there has been a growing movement advocating for the removal of gendered categories to foster inclusivity for non-binary individuals.

Vanity Fair’s report shed light on the struggles faced by non-binary actors and their contemplation of participating in these award shows due to the lack of changes.

Bella Ramsey, known for their role in The Last of Us, expressed their discomfort with the idea of having to conform to a single category. Ramsey explained, “The categories at the moment feel extremely gendered with the language around them.”

They further emphasized that these limited categories prevent the celebration of non-binary actors like themselves.

Ramsey acknowledged the complexity of finding alternatives to address this issue, stating, “And it can open up a conversation about how it feels—as long as I’m aware of the fact that it’s not ideal, but also that finding alternatives is really complex.”

Asia Kate Dillon, who identifies as non-binary, reflected on their experience of being nominated in the Best Actor category for their role in Billions.

They expressed a realization that being submitted or nominated within categories that reinforce the gender binary should have been met with outright rejection. Dillon noted that more actors are now starting to speak up about this issue, indicating a growing awareness and engagement.

Despite the voices raised on this matter, the report highlighted that award show organizers have been slow to make substantial changes.

However, the hope remains that with increasing numbers of individuals speaking out and advocating for change, the landscape could eventually shift.

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