Ben Affleck Reveals what Really Happened during that Tense Grammy Moment with Jennifer Lopez


Ben Affleck has spoken out about a moment caught on camera during the 2023 Grammy Awards that went viral and sparked rumors that he was drunk at the show.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor explained what really happened during the moment and shared his thoughts on the speculation that he was intoxicated.

Affleck revealed that he actually had a good time at the Grammys and went to the show with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, in hopes of enjoying some good music.

However, as the cameras began to roll, Affleck and Lopez found themselves being framed in a shot alongside Grammy host Trevor Noah.

Affleck explained that he leaned into Lopez and told her that as soon as the cameras started rolling, he would slide away from her and leave her sitting next to Noah. Lopez responded with a stern warning: “You better f—ing not leave.”

Affleck explained that the moment was simply a “husband-and-wife thing” and that he was also trying to keep up with some of the musical acts that he didn’t recognize.

He admitted that in the past, he had attended events while feeling “pissed off,” “bored,” or even “drunk,” but he insisted that he was not intoxicated at the Grammys.

Despite his denial, some speculated online that Affleck was indeed drunk at the event.

The actor acknowledged that the speculation raised questions about the stigma surrounding addiction and whether it was wise to acknowledge it. He explained that while there was a lot of compassion surrounding addiction, there was also a stigma that could be inhibiting.

Affleck also shared that he is open about his alcoholism and has received calls from people asking for help. He revealed that helping others actually helps him more, which is one of the big tricks of the 12-step program. However, he also acknowledged the importance of the anonymity that is part of Alcoholics Anonymous. He advised others

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