Ben Shapiro’s Prediction of Barbie’s Box Office has Aged Terribly


As Barbie gracefully crosses the impressive threshold of $1 billion at the box office, the moment has arrived for a delightful reminder of Ben Shapiro’s not-so-prescient prediction.

Shapiro, a prominent conservative commentator, had embarked on a 40-minute video critique of the box office sensation, branding it as “woke” and labeling the film a “flaming garbage heap.” What makes this critique truly memorable is Shapiro’s confident forecast regarding the movie’s trajectory, delivered with utmost conviction: “My prediction: [Barbie] is just absolutely going to fall off a cliff after [week one]. The repeat business on this movie is going to be nonexistent.”

Ah, how hindsight grants us perspective! The world now chuckles at the irony as Barbie triumphantly defies Shapiro’s projection. The saga continues as the internet community gleefully employs Shapiro’s own words to illustrate the disparity between his foresight and the undeniable success of the film.

Brian Tyler Cohen, a podcast host and MSNBC contributor, seized the moment to juxtapose Shapiro’s prediction with the soaring reality of Barbie’s box office triumph. The juxtaposition prompted an outpouring of amusement from netizens, reveling in the gentle irony of Shapiro’s miscalculation.

Commentators were quick to point out the aging of Shapiro’s perspective, finding humor in the stark contrast between his prognosis and the movie’s resounding financial accomplishment. The digital landscape reverberated with witty remarks, a testament to the joyous convergence of reality and projection.

Some playful jesters even alluded to Shapiro’s youthful foray into screenwriting, cheekily attributing his misjudgment to his past artistic endeavors. This lighthearted ribbing highlighted the audacious nature of Shapiro’s initial claim and added a touch of levity to the conversation.

Responding to the prevailing jest, Shapiro himself conceded his misstep with a hint of self-deprecation, confessing, “I radically overestimated the taste of the American public. Guilty.” However, the candid confession did little to quell the banter, as Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, an influential progressive news commentary show, humorously retorted, “you overestimated how big your tiny, right-wing faction is.”

Amid the delightful back-and-forth, a historic milestone emerged, tangentially related to the film’s achievement. Greta Gerwig, a trailblazing director, etched her name into the annals of cinematic history as the first solo female director to amass a staggering $1 billion at the global box office.

In the unfolding saga of Barbie’s cinematic journey and Shapiro’s ill-fated prediction, a blend of irony and amusement reigns supreme. The juxtaposition of Shapiro’s confident projection against the backdrop of Barbie’s remarkable success serves as a poignant reminder that the allure of the silver screen, like life itself, is adorned with unpredictable twists and turns. As Barbie basks in her triumphant box office glory, the world collectively savors the sweet flavor of irony, while Ben Shapiro graciously joins the chorus of laughter echoing across the digital realm.

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