Beyoncé Disco Ball Cowboy Hat Sells Out on Etsy


The announcement of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour dates has caused a stir in the fashion world, specifically for one Etsy designer named Abby Misbin, who goes by the name “Trending by Abby.”

Abby had the honor of hand-making the mirrored cowboy hat that Beyoncé wore in her tour video teaser, which caused her shop to shut down due to the sheer volume of orders she received.

It all started when a stylist for Beyoncé reached out to Abby back in June, asking her to make the mirrored cowboy hat in just five days. Abby was more than thrilled to create the hat and sold it to Beyoncé for just $215.

The hat then made its debut in a Beyoncé video teaser and once again when the “Renaissance” tour dates were announced, causing fans to go wild.

Abby usually receives about 5 to 6 orders per week, but after the tour announcement, she was bombarded with 60 orders in just one day.

Abby explains that she can only make about 2 of the hats in a day, due to the level of detail and care that goes into each hat, which is why she had to shut down her shop.

However, the seller is determined to fulfill the orders and is working with her sister to do so before re-opening her shop.

Despite the influx of orders, Abby remains grateful and views it as a true honor. In her own words, “It’s truly an honor.”

The Bey effect continues to captivate the world, and fans will stop at nothing to get their hands on a piece of the action. Whether it’s the mirrored cowboy hat or tickets to her tour, the BeyHive will always show their love and support for the Queen B.

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