Beyonce Saved by Dancer after Suffering Wardrobe Malfunction Live on Stage


Beyoncé narrowly avoided a potential wardrobe malfunction on stage, thanks to her backup dancers, Les Twins, who came to her rescue.

During her ‘Renaissance World Tour’ performance in Hamburg, Germany on June 21, the 41-year-old Queen B was captivating the audience as usual.

She donned a stunning neon pink outfit with matching gloves, but some fans noticed a close call that her ‘twins’ might have prevented.

In a TikTok video posted by @bydeyn, which has now gone viral, viewers marveled at the seamless and smooth action taken by the identical twin brothers to shield Beyoncé as she made adjustments to her clothing.

Amidst the performance, it appeared that Beyoncé, who sported matching pink shades, was unaware that she was at risk of a wardrobe malfunction. The caption of the video, which has garnered nearly two million likes, read: “Damn he did it so smooth.” One viewer commented on the video, highlighting the fact that Les Twins acted without exchanging any words: “The fact that they didn’t even speak. She kept singing but she knew he stepped out of character for a reason. I’m amazed at these professionals.”

Another admirer added, “That he saw something happening and didn’t miss a beat while performing and allowed her to fix it. Love Les Twins.” Observing the dancer’s assistance, someone else pointed out, “And he put her hand on there so she could fix it herself. Mad respect.” One person speculated that Les Twins might have received instructions through an earpiece, stating, “He must have an earpiece, and someone told him to help ’cause he wasn’t even looking at her to notice but did jump into action. 10/10.”

While many praised Les Twins for their quick thinking, some viewers found it challenging to decipher exactly what occurred in the video. “Not me watching it 10x to see what actually happened,” one viewer confessed. Another agreed, “I still can’t see what happened after watching it 5011 times.” Another person chimed in, saying, “I hear what y’all are saying… but I don’t see it.”

Watch below:

Very smooth.

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