Bill Murray, 72, and Kelis, 44, have Reportedly Split Up after Two Months of Dating


After a brief and rumored whirlwind romance, Bill Murray, 72, and Kelis, 44, have reportedly decided to part ways, marking the end of what appeared to be a summer fling that captured the attention of many.

The rumors about their relationship began swirling when the 72-year-old Murray, who is a father of six, was spotted attending several performances by Kelis, 44, the acclaimed ‘Bossy’ singer. The spark between them seemed to ignite during Kelis’ performance at the Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, South London, as documented by The Sun. An image taken backstage at the concert only added fuel to the speculations surrounding their budding connection.

An insider disclosed to The Sun that Murray and Kelis had previously met in the United States, which led to discussions within the industry, and their subsequent rendezvous in London further solidified their bond. The source revealed, “They’ve met up in the States before which got people in the industry talking, and now are meeting up in London while they’re both here. They’ve clearly hit it off.” Despite the considerable age gap, they found common ground and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

However, the summer romance has apparently come to an end, as confirmed by a source to The Sun. The source shared, “Kelis and Bill were – and still are – very fond of each other but things just ran their course. They both have busy schedules and after a whirlwind romance decided to go their separate ways. They hope to remain friends but also plan to get on with their lives.” This conclusion highlights the transient nature of their relationship, while acknowledging that both Murray and Kelis have their own commitments to focus on.

Their brief entanglement likely stemmed, at least in part, from their shared experiences of personal loss. Kelis tragically lost her husband, Mike Mora, to stage four stomach cancer in 2022. Reflecting on her grief, she expressed her approach to cherishing time and relationships, saying, “It doesn’t change the fact that I’m heartbroken. But it does change how I choose to approach it… I’m really big on celebrating people when they’re here. I don’t feel like it’s as useful when they’re gone,” as shared with Revolt.

Similarly, Murray faced the passing of his estranged wife, Jennifer Butler, in 2021. Despite their divorce filing in 2008, the former couple reportedly maintained contact until her passing. These shared experiences likely forged a connection between Murray and Kelis during their time together.

Interestingly, Kelis took to social media to address the circulating rumors about her relationship with Murray. Sharing snapshots from her beach vacation in Greece, she showcased herself basking in the sun, sporting a vibrant bikini, and playfully diving into the crystal-clear waters. While her intent was to quell the rumors, the speculation continued to swirl despite her efforts.

As the chapter of their romantic involvement draws to a close, both Bill Murray and Kelis are poised to continue their individual journeys, marked by their careers, personal growth, and perhaps the pursuit of new connections that life may bring.

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