Billionaire Shares Incredible Plans for Futuristic New $400,000,000,000 US Mega City


Billionaire Marc Lore is on the precipice of creating a revolutionary dream – a cutting-edge, futuristic mega city, the City of Telosa, a brainchild that envisions a reality straight out of a science fiction masterpiece. This groundbreaking venture is poised to set an unparalleled global standard for urban living, expand human potential, and serve as a blueprint for future generations.

Transport will flow smoothly through the city. Credit: City of Telosa

Telosa’s plans, as divulged on the City of Telosa website, paint a picture of a metropolis unlike any other. Picture a landscape where driverless cars roam freely, UFO-like trains traverse suspended tracks, and harmonious coexistence exists between nature and towering skyscrapers.

Set to materialize amidst the barren expanse bridging Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, Telosa will boast streets designed exclusively for bikes and pedestrians. The only vehicles permitted within the city will be leisurely moving autonomous cars. The city’s green spaces are anticipated to house reservoirs that store water for the community, promoting a sophisticated water system geared to withstand drought by purifying and reusing fresh water.

Embracing renewable energy, Telosa will champion environmental sustainability. Political transparency will be paramount, with city officials held accountable through the comprehensive documentation of all meetings, calls, and correspondence in the public domain.

The visionary Lore conceptualizes a city founded on community endowment, envisioning a scenario where a land area spanning 200,000 acres accommodates a city hosting 5 million residents. This community-owned land, valued at virtually nothing, could burgeon to a worth of approximately one trillion dollars.

The sale of this land could seed an endowment comparable to those of esteemed institutions like universities or hospitals, generating an annual revenue of $50 billion. This sum, in turn, could be reinvested in healthcare, education, job training, affordable housing, and more, directly benefiting the city’s inhabitants.

However, the realization of such an ambitious project comes at an exorbitant cost, estimated at a staggering $400 billion. Despite the financial enormity, Lore’s unwavering commitment to forging the most open, fair, and inclusive city in the world ignites hope that the investment will pay off.

Lore underscores the importance of embarking on a monumental vision, akin to a moonshot, where embarking on a grand, audacious vision necessitates securing substantial capital, assembling the world’s finest talents, and fostering a steadfast commitment. Through this triumvirate, Lore believes that achieving the extraordinary is within reach.

As Lore contends, “If you really want to go after your moonshot, which I would consider this city to be, you have to start with a big, bold vision. You need to raise or acquire capital, you need to surround yourself with the very best people in the world. If you get those three things right, you can achieve incredible things.”

The City of Telosa stands not only as an emblem of futuristic innovation but also as a testament to the audacious spirit of human imagination and progress.

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