‘Boston George’ Drug Smuggler Docu Series Featuring Johnny Depp Sets Launch Date


Boston George docu series about drug trafficker and smuggler George Jung, featuring Johnny Depp, has set its launch date.

The docu series is described as ‘the ultimate outlaw narrative’ and is set to be released on the streaming service Fandor.

It is a five-part series which includes interviews with the actor, who played Jung in his 2001 film Blow. 

Watch Blow trailer below:

The series explores Jung’s life of lawbreaking. People from all different walks of life feature in the show including Jung himself, who passed away last year.

Depp who portrayed the outlaw, author Bruce Porter, partner Ronda Clay Spinello, friend Waino “Tuna” Tuominen, undercover DEA agent Tom Tinnerington and DEA Special Agent Mike McManus are all in the series.

Watch the trailer for the docu series below:


Depp described Jung as “one of [his] favorite people instantly” and “a very charming outlaw.”

Watch the docu series on Fandor on July 22.

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