Bradley Cooper Looks Unrecognizable in New Netflix Role


Bradley Cooper looks completely unrecognizable in his new netflix-backed role.

The streaming platform shared the first look set photos from Maestro, a biopic about composer and musician Leonard Bernstein and fans can’t believe their eyes…

As well as acting in front of the camera, Cooper is also directing the film. The 47-year-old plays the lead role alongside co-star Carey Mulligan, who plays Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre.

Fans are baffled at the actor’s transformation, with some saying:

“Dang! He even has white arm hairs! Such attention to detail!”

“Whoever is the makeup/hair person(s) on that film needs to win some major awards.”

“The makeup of him older, damn,”

“Gorgeous stills! Looks like he’s truly embodying Bernstein!”

Cooper told Variety that the film won’t be released in theatres and/or Netflix until 2023. This will be his second time directing and starring in the same movie, with his first being in 2018 with A Star is Born. 

Cooper revealed that Steven Spielberg was supposed to direct Maestro, but the actor wanted to try his hand at filmmaking again after his last success.

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