Bride Walks Down Aisle in a White Dress which Cost just £3.12 and £6.66 Shoes


This bride walked down aisle in a beautiful white wedding dress which cost her only £3.12 and her bridal shoes came to £6.66…

Jillian Lynch decided she didn’t want to spend a small fortune on her wedding gown for her big day.

The 32-year-old found her dress only four weeks prior to her big day, at a local charity shop. The same place she found her bridal shoes.

Her entire outfit came to a total of £9.79.

See below:


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Lynch shared her amazing steal on TikTok and claimed that most of her guests had no idea her outfit cost so little. She said:

“It certainly wasn’t a secret, but I only told a couple family members so most of our guests thought it was a typical wedding dress.

“Most brides don’t go around the wedding telling everyone how much they spent and I didn’t either.

“People who know me know that thrifting is what I do.”

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find exactly what I was envisioning.

“If I couldn’t find anything I wanted I probably would have taken a more traditional route.

“But I was super lucky and I found the dress and the shoes in the same store, after four days in a row of looking.”


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