Britney Spears’ Family ‘Planning Intervention’ after Star Continues to Post Bizarre Videos on Instagram


Britney Spears has been enjoying her newfound freedom since being released from her father’s conservatorship last year, but concerns are growing among her family and friends regarding her recent behavior on Instagram.

The pop star has been sharing bizarre and explicit videos, including nudes, on the social media platform, leading to speculation that she may be struggling with mental health issues.

According to a source quoted by Life & Style, Britney’s loved ones are planning to stage an intervention to address her behavior.

While no one is suggesting that she needs to be placed back under a conservatorship, her family and friends are worried about her well-being.

“Britney has everyone concerned,” the source said. “Even though the last one failed, there’s another intervention in the works. No one is saying she needs to go back under a conservatorship. Still, her behavior has become alarming [to those closest to her]. She thinks she’s perfectly fine. Her biggest fear is being institutionalized again — and she definitely won’t let that happen.”

Britney has not yet commented on the reports of an impending intervention, but she has previously spoken out about the negative attention she has received on social media.

In a recent Instagram post, she acknowledged that some people wish her ill, but she vowed to keep posting on the platform.

“Enough is enough,” she wrote. “I’m probably going to have to stop posting on Instagram because even though I enjoy doing it, there’s obviously a lot of people who don’t wish me well.”

Despite the concerns about her behavior, Britney has made it clear that she is enjoying her freedom and the ability to make her own choices.

In another Instagram post, she shared her excitement about cooking her first homemade lasagna in her own home.

“Again, the conservatorship has been over for almost a year … No folks, it’s not 2007 … it’s 2023 and I’m making my first homemade lasagna at home,” she wrote.

While Britney’s fans are happy to see her taking control of her life, they also hope that she is taking care of her mental health.

Posting unusual videos on Instagram may be harmless, but it could also be a sign that she is struggling. As one fan put it, “Nothing wrong with being a little crazy on Instagram if everything else is under control.”

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