Brittney Griner Opened up About Prison During her Long Flight Home from Russia


Brittney Griner opened up about her experience in a Russian prison for 10 months while flying home to the US.

The WNBA star was exchanged for Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout in a prisoner swap last week.

The athlete was convicted of cannabis possession.

Bout aka “Merchant of Death” is a former Soviet military officer who was serving a 25-year prison sentence in the US and is charged of conspiring to kill Americans. export anti-aircraft missiles and to provide material support to a terrorist organisation.

Bout claims to be innocent.

See the prisoner exchange below:

It has now been revealed that the athlete opened up about what prison was like for her. She said:

“I have been in prison for 10 months now. I want to talk.”

Now this News reported that Roger Carstens, the presidential envoy for hostage affairs that traveled with the athlete, made sure to address every person on the plane. He said she asked:

“But, first of all, who are these guys?”

“And she moved right past me and went to every member on that crew, looked them in the eyes, shook their hands and asked about them, got their names, making a personal connection with them. It was really amazing.”

He continued:

“I was left with the impression this is an intelligent, passionate, compassionate, humble, interesting person, a patriotic person.

“But above all, authentic. I hate the fact that I had to meet her in this manner, but I actually felt blessed having had a chance to get to know her.”

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