Bullet Damage to Water Tower Mural of Johnny Cash Makes it Look Like He’s Peeing on the Town


Bullet damage to a water tower mural of Johnny Cash has made it look like he is peeing on the town.

The water tower in the town of Kingsland, Arkansas was damaged by a pretty perfectly aimed bullet and has made the local people laugh, due to the unfortunate or lucky (depending on your perspective) aim.

Kingsland is a small, quiet town with about 500 residents but it is the birthplace of legendary singer/songwriter Johnny Cash.

There are many tributes to the icon around the town, including a post office dedicated to the legend, as well as the Man in Black mural on the water tower.

Someone decided it would be a good idea to shoot a bullet through the mural’s crotch, however, causing water to come pouring out and comically making it look like he is peeing on the town…and he’s been ‘peeing’ for over a week now.

Watch this report below from FOX 16 KLRT:

The city says they are doing all they can to plug the leak…

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