Cable Company Ordered to Pay Victim’s Family $7 Billion After Worker Killer Her in Her Home


A cable company has been ordered to pay more than $7 billion to the family of a woman that was killed by one of its employees.

Roy Holden Jr did some work for Spectrum Cable at the house of 83-year-old Betty Thomas. He returned next day, while he was not working and stabbed her to death.

Holden Jr then stole her credit card to go on a shopping spree before he was caught by the police in Irving, Texas.

The former employee is currently serving a life sentence after pleading guilty.

Although the crime took place in December 2019, a Dallas County jury found the cable company to have 90% of the blame for civil liabilities, this week.

The jury decided to award the family of the victim $7 billion in punitive damages after awarding them $357 million in compensatory damages just last month.

The cable company says it plans to appeal the jury’s verdict.

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