Camille Vasquez Calls Amber Heard a ‘Deeply, Troubled Person’ During Closing Arguments


Camille Vasquez called Amber Heard a ‘deeply, troubled person’ during her closing argument in the courtroom at Fairfax, Virginia earlier this week.

The world has been gripped by the televised defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, with a verdict due to be given on Tuesday 31 May.

Vasquez received more praise from fans online after describing the Aquaman actress as a ‘deeply, troubled person’ during her closing argument.

The lawyer added:

“There is an abuser in this courtroom but it’s not mr depp. There’s a victim of abuse in this court but it’s not miss heard….Miss heard is in fact the abuser and mr depp is the abused.”

Vasquez continued, describing how the restraining order Heard filed against the 58-year-old “ruined” his life.

She also reminded the jury of the expert accounts that diagnosed Heard with borderline personality disorder, claiming the actress is “desperate for attention and approval.”

Watch her closing argument below:

We will see what the jury has to say next week…

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