Cardi B told Las Vegas Crowd to Spray Her with Water Before Fan Threw Drink


Cardi B’s electrifying performance at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas was not only sizzling with energy but also had a moment that caught the attention of fans.

Amid the scorching triple-digit desert temperatures, Cardi didn’t shy away from seeking some relief from the heat. In a playful and enthusiastic manner, she actually encouraged the crowd to cool her off by tossing water on her.

Footage from her Saturday show reveals Cardi urging the audience to shower her with water in between songs, jokingly stating that she was “dying” from the sweltering 105° weather.

Embracing the lively atmosphere, Cardi’s DJ joined in on the fun and motivated the crowd to give her a refreshing water dousing. The rapper didn’t mind where the water landed, even playfully directing fans towards her to make sure she got a thorough soaking.

Although Cardi was clearly asking for water to be thrown at her, things took an unexpected turn when an unidentified person threw a cupful of liquid that seemed to go beyond just water.

Some speculate that it might have been an alcoholic beverage, given Cardi’s subsequent reaction. Despite the unexpected incident, the fan involved expressed deep remorse for the action.

However, amidst the excitement, a fan has claimed that Cardi accidentally struck her with the microphone, despite not being the one responsible for the drink toss. This allegation could potentially lead to a complex situation in the future.


Im bruised and sore 😩 #fyp #cardib #micophone #draisnightclub

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Overall, Cardi B’s show in Las Vegas was an exhilarating experience for both the rapper and her enthusiastic audience. The Vegas heat couldn’t dampen the fiery energy of the performance, with Cardi actively engaging with the crowd and playfully embracing the water-throwing antics. While the unexpected drink toss caused a brief moment of chaos, it didn’t overshadow the show’s overall electrifying atmosphere.

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