Charles Reportedly Made it “Very Clear Meghan Would Not Be Welcome” at Balmoral on Thursday


Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed on Thursday last week at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

When they learned of their mother and grandmothers’ ill health, many members of the royal family travelled to Aberdeenshire to visit the Queen in her final moments.

Her beloved grandson, Prince Harry, was among them. However, his wife, Meghan Markle did not visit with him.

After a spokesperson for the Sussexes announced that the pair would be travelling together to the castle, fans were then confused when it appeared Prince Harry went alone.

A source from the Palace told Page Six: 

“Tensions were so high and there was no way Meghan could have gone to Balmoral,”

“The fact the Sussex camp did say both Harry and Meghan were going — and then quickly retracted that statement — will tell you everything you need to know about the drama behind the scenes.”

Another source told The Sun: 

“Charles told Harry that it wasn’t right or appropriate for Meghan to be in Balmoral at such a deeply sad time,”

The source claimed that the now King Charles III had “made it very, very clear Meghan would not be welcome.”

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