Chick-fil-A is Now Testing Wings in its Quest to Become the Best Restaurant on the Planet



    Chick-fil-A is now testing wings in its hunt to become the best restaurant on the planet.

    If the chain is able to create a delicious bone-in wing then we have to have a serious chat about who is the king of the fast food chain.

    They are trialing the wings in Nashville and if all goes well, they will be rolled out around the nation for all Americans to enjoy, according to Barstool Sports. 

    See below:

    People were quick to share their enthusiasm online about the potential of CFA wings:

    ‘Be perfect for eating while watching football on Sundays’

    ‘God’s chicken as a wing? sing me up’

    ‘This could be a game changer’

    While otherwise were quick to trash the fast food chain:

    ‘Overrated. worst chicken ever. Customer service is AWESOME the product behind it not so much’

    ‘eating wings from a chain is the most rookie move on the planet’

    ‘chic fil a is so overrated!!!!’

    All i know is i’m hungry now…

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