Chris Brown ‘Responds’ to Selena Gomez’s Viral Reaction to His MTV VMA Nomination


Chris Brown has appeared to respond to Selena Gomez’s viral reaction at the MTV Video Music Awards when the nominations were announced for Best R&B. The camera captured Gomez’s unfiltered expression at the New Jersey’s Prudential Center, and it instantly became a sensation on social media.

Brown received a nomination for his song “How Does It Feel,” a collaboration with Chloe. Selena’s brief grimace as Brown’s name was announced sparked a frenzy of comments and memes across social platforms, with viewers debating the appropriateness of her reaction.

While some found it hilarious and iconic, others questioned whether it was warranted. The video clip of her reaction circulated worldwide, making her a focal point of the VMAs coverage.

In response to the debate surrounding her reaction, Selena Gomez reportedly commented, “who cares lol,” on an Instagram post about the viral moment. However, it’s evident that she’s not pleased with the attention it garnered, expressing her desire to avoid becoming a meme again.

“I will never be a meme again,” she wrote. “I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.”

Gomez said she won't become a meme again. Credit: Instagram/@selenagomez

Despite the viral reaction stealing the spotlight, Selena Gomez had a significant victory at the MTV VMAs. She won the Best Afrobeats award for her collaboration on Rema’s hit track “Calm Down.”

Upon accepting the award, Gomez became visibly emotional and thanked Rema for believing in her, expressing her gratitude to all her fans for their support. She also sent her love to Nigeria, acknowledging the impact of the collaboration.

Brown has now apparently given his opinion…

According to Rap Up, the ‘With You’ singer posted a now-deleted Instagram Story where he said ‘I’m the GOAT, and you know it’ and ‘Let me mind my business’.

While the viral moment with Chris Brown generated considerable chatter, Selena Gomez’s success at the VMAs was a testament to her talent and her contribution to the music industry.

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