Chris Pine Finally Explains Harry Styles ‘Spitting Incident’ at ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Premier


Do you recall the time when Harry Styles became the topic of discussion all over the internet because of his saliva? It was during the world premiere of Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival, where there was already a lot of buzz surrounding the film’s cast.

Despite the ongoing speculation about a supposed feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh, all conversation halted when a video clip emerged of Harry seeming to spit on Chris Pine. Fans eagerly delved into the footage, scrutinising every detail with screen grabs and zooms in an attempt to capture the exact trajectory of the alleged spit.

After almost half a year since the incident, Chris Pine has finally opened up about what truly transpired in that Venetian theatre. In an interview with Esquire, Chris offered an explanation regarding the #spitgate saga.

Chris recounted the evening of the premiere, stating that the moment captured in the video occurred just as he was getting up from his seat to exit the theatre. “I saw Harry at the end of the row. He’s an animated guy, and he was talking to my friend who was sitting next to me,” Chris disclosed.

According to Chris, as he was about to make his way out, Harry flicked his hand and inadvertently spewed some saliva in Chris’s direction. “I felt it land on my back, and I thought, ‘Did this guy just spit on me?'” Chris revealed.

Despite his initial surprise and confusion, Chris admitted that he doesn’t think it was Harry’s intention to spit on him. “I think he’s a pro, and he wouldn’t do that intentionally. I don’t think it was malicious,” Chris clarified.

Chris also mentioned that he had met Harry before and holds him in high regard. “I really like Harry. I think he’s a fantastic musician and actor, and I think he’s a wonderful person. I would never hold anything against him,” Chris stated.

In addition, Chris acknowledged the media’s fascination with the incident and admitted that it was “a bit of a bummer” that it took on a life of its own. “It was funny for about a minute, but then it was just dumb,” Chris lamented.

Despite the fact that the video clip garnered a lot of attention at the time, it appears that there were no hard feelings between the two actors. In fact, the incident has since become a humorous anecdote between them, as Chris revealed that Harry reached out to him afterwards to apologise and they shared a laugh about the situation.

In conclusion, Chris Pine has finally shed some light on the infamous Harry Styles spitting incident, revealing that it was an unintentional mishap rather than a deliberate act. The incident may have caused a stir at the time, but it seems that all is well between the two actors, and they have moved on from the incident with no ill feelings towards one another.

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