Colin Kaepernick Says He’s Willing to Play Backup QB, Just Needs an Opportunity


Colin Kaepernick says he is willing to sign on as a backup quarterback just so he can get back to playing football in the NFL.

The QB had a rare interview with former NFL stars Chad Johnson, Adam “Pacman” Jones and Brandon Marshall for an episode of I Am Athlete.

Watch below:

Marshall asked the 34-year-old if he’d be interested in taking a similar role to Carmelo Anthony in the NBA (who signed for the veteran’s minimum, about $2.6 million, to play a minimized role with the Los Angeles Lakers.)

Kaepernick responded:

Kaepernick has been putting his skills on display recently – stopping by major cities all over the U.S., working out with college stars to show he still has the skills it takes to play in the NFL.

The quarterback made a claim following another one of his publicized workouts, saying:

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