Comedian Jeff Ross says Chris Rock took Will Smith Down with his Jokes, Not Fists


According to Jeff Ross, Chris Rock has emerged victorious in the “Will Smith Oscars slap saga,” and he praises his friend for doing so with his words alone.

In an interview on Monday in Los Angeles, Jeff Ross, the well-known roast master, revealed that he had just returned from Chris Rock’s live special in Baltimore and that the event was just as remarkable as it appeared on television.

Jeff stated that Chris ultimately came out on top against Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and that he was very impressed with how Chris handled the situation, despite taking a year to address it.

Jeff points out that the special focused on a lot more than just the Smiths, and he was taken aback by its overarching message.

He did, however, have a favorite part: the joke about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, which he believes may be the joke of the year.

Jeff is unable to do it justice, but essentially, the joke is about Beyoncé being so beautiful that she could have gotten Jay-Z regardless of her profession.

Jeff notes that it wasn’t the case for him, however.

As for how Will should react, Jeff does have some guidance, but it doesn’t involve violence.

“I believe Will Smith is a very smart man,” Jeff says. “I believe he has a great sense of humor. I believe he’s going to let this slide. He’s not going to fight Chris Rock over a joke.”

Jeff commends Will for his level-headedness and advises him to simply appreciate the humor in the situation.

In conclusion, Ross believes that Chris Rock won the battle against Will Smith in the Oscars slap saga with his wit and humor.

He praises Chris for his exceptional handling of the situation and encourages Will to let it go and appreciate the humor in the situation.

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