Comedians Bill Bellamy, Jeff Dye Defend Chris Rock’s right to Joke about Jada


According to Bill Bellamy and Jeff Dye, Chris Rock has every right to joke about anyone, including Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, especially after being slapped by Will, and even if some people feel like it’s at Jada’s expense.

During their interview on “TMZ Live” on Tuesday, both comedians defended Chris’ right to joke about the situation, even if some people find it merciless.

Chris’ latest Netflix special has drawn criticism from some Black women who believe his jokes target them.

Candace McDuffie, a senior writer for The Root, believes that Chris deserved to be slapped after years of jokes that she believes have targeted Black women.

However, both Bellamy and Dye disagree. They believe that Chris used his platform and creativity to address the situation without resorting to violence.

Additionally, they point out that there is a financial benefit to Netflix paying a lot of money for Chris’ “Selective Outrage” special.

When it comes to the question of whether Chris is targeting Jada and/or Black women, Bellamy says he doesn’t believe that to be the case.

He argues that Chris takes shots at everyone, and sometimes certain groups might catch a stray. According to Bellamy, it’s nothing personal; it’s just the business of being funny.

Jeff Dye, who is hosting the new game show “Who the Bleep Is That?” was more forceful in his defense of Chris.

He believes that suggesting Chris deserved to be slapped is insane and that nothing or no one should be off-limits in comedy. Dye’s passionate defense of Chris is evident in the way he talks about the issue, and he brings the same energy to his hosting duties on “WTBIT,” which is currently airing on FOX.

In conclusion, Bill Bellamy and Jeff Dye believe that Chris Rock has the right to joke about whoever he wants, and that no one should be off-limits in comedy.

They believe that Chris addressed the situation in his own way, and that he takes shots at everyone, not just Jada or Black women. While some people may find Chris’ jokes offensive, Bellamy and Dye argue that it’s all in the business of being funny.

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