Cop Explains Why Police Officers Always Touch the Back of Cars They Pull Over


    A police officer has explained on TikTok why cops always seem to touch the back of cars they pull over.

    If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police, you may have noticed that the officer touched the back of your car.

    Well, Officer Tony Messer has answered some burning questions people had about being a cop.

    Messer said this is one of the top three questions he gets as a police officer.

    He explained that they tap the back of your car when approaching a ‘traffic stop’ to ‘leave fingerprints’:

    “These fingerprints is just in case the worst of the worst happens when you approach the driver.

    “If a driver was to flee after committing a crime, this would link the vehicle and your fingerprints together to give the detectives another piece of evidence,”

    Watch below:


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    That actually makes a lot of sense…

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