Couple Charged almost $4,500 by Starbucks for Two Coffees


A couple have gone viral online after they were charged almost $4,500 for two coffees from Starbucks.

Jesse and Deedee O’Dell from Oklahoma had been visiting the same Starbucks for the past 16 years and ordering the same two drinks, were charged an excessive gratuity fee of $4,444.44 on top of their regular coffee order, despite selecting the ‘No Tip’ option on the card machine.

Jesse recounted out the situation: “The order usually sets us back by about $10, but one day last month, it cost us an eye-watering $4,456.27. I remember selecting the ‘No Tip’ option on the card machine.”

It wasn’t until days later that Deedee noticed the mix-up when her card declined while she was at the mall with her four kids.

Upon discovering the issue, Jesse got in touch with the Starbucks district manager and was informed that there must have been an error with the network used by the card machine.

The couple was told they had been sent two checks that would add up to the full gratuity amount, but when they arrived, the checks bounced, they reported to CBS.

Jesse and Deedee, who had been planning a trip to Thailand to visit Deedee’s sister, were left without the funds for their trip and had to cancel the non-refundable trip.

Jesse shared, “This is something that has caused huge duress in our own family, and hopefully, other people don’t have to go through something like this.” The couple are now working with the Tulsa Police Department to resolve the issue and are urging others to check their receipts every time they order from Starbucks.

A Starbucks spokesperson confirmed that the situation had been resolved, stating, “This was an unfortunate situation that has since been resolved. The tip was entered by the customer in error. While the original refund checks had a typo and therefore did not go through, we issued new ones on January 31, which were received and cashed by the customer on Monday, February 6.”

Jesse added, “It’s important for people to check their receipts every time they order coffee. You never know when something like this could happen to you.”


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