Court Calls for Man who Killed Woman for Rejecting Him to be Hanged on Live TV


An Egyptian court has requested that a man’s execution be broadcast on live television.

Mohamed Adel was sentenced to death after he was found guilty of the ‘premeditated murder’ of classmate 21-year-old Naira Ashraf.

The murder allegedly took place as Ashraf was leaving her university last month. The 21-year-old supposedly rejected Adel’s romantic advances – he reportedly proposed to the student.

On 6 July, Adel was sentenced to death by hanging by the Mansoura Criminal Court. The court however, has since made a written request to parliament that his execution be broadcast on live television.

The court has made the argument that if the execution is broadcast live, it may serve as a deterrent to other potential criminals contemplating similar crimes.

Adel had allegedly been sending death threats to the 21-year-old via his phone, as noted by the victim’s family and friends.

Truly devastating, RIP Naira Ashraf.

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